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What's On?

AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit
9-12 September, 2024
Signia by Hilton, San Jose, CA

Enterprise Generative AI Summit (Sept 9)

The Efficient Generative AI Summit is the pre-day event to the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit and provides attendees with over 8 hours of content specifically dedicated to exploring the latest advances in generative AI and lessons learned from enterprise deployments in the last 12 months.

Ticket type required: Full Conference Ticket + Pre-Day OR Pre-Day + Expo Ticket

Exhibition Day & Workshops (Sept 10)

We’ve dedicated more time than ever before for attendees to meet, interact with, and learn from each other and our industry leading partners.

Plus, sign up for interactive developer workshops and industry specific roundtables. 

Ticket type required: Expo Ticket (upgrade to a full ticket to receive access to the main content) 

Main Conference (Sept 10-12)

2024 will focus on ‘Efficiency’, investigating cost and energy efficiency across the entire tech stack.

Our industry specific use cases, efficient deployment techniques, and energy and cost reduction practices cater to the ever-growing enterprise practitioner presence we have curated. 

Ticket type required: Full Conference Ticket

Opening Gala (Sept 10)

Join us for our Opening Gala to network with all AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2024 attendees as well as our 'Friends of AI Hardware Summit' network of current and previous speakers. 

You'll have chance to engage with peers, speakers, partners, investors, and more from over 500 different companies over refreshments in an entertaining and relaxed setting. 

Ticket type required: Full Conference Ticket

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